Batana was founded in Madrid in early 2017 by Patricia Fuster, a designer and publicist with a passion for nature and the Mediterranean lifestyle in which she was brought up in and where she currently resides and works.

Patricia has always had it clear what the essence of Batana would be to create, by hand, contemporary fashion accessories from natural materials from some of the best workshops in Spain. This is how the first Batana design was born, their famous braided linen and leather espadrilles.

Batana has always used the very best materials for every unique and durable design. Materials that embellish over time, such as linen, leather and hemp. Textile and leather are braided by hand so as to be able to give a natural, artisan look, both agreeable to the eye and to the touch.

Batana’s passion and commitment of nature is present in everything we do, both in our designs as well as in our packaging, using always organic and recycled materials.

Welcome to our   #batanafamily.

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